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The Unravelling
Video clip - The Enchanting and Mystical Matopos

As you may know, we have embarked on an exciting journey, to compile a series of videos that vividly bring to life some of the more poignant moments and stunning landscapes depicted in Michael’s recently published book, the Unravelling.

Here is our second video, titled The Enchanting and Mystical Matopos. In it, you will be able to witness how this captivating region of the country has been intricately woven into the fabric of the book.

As you watch, you’ll find yourself immersed in a land adorned with towering granite hills, steeped in mystical folklore, and adorned with ancient rock art.

Join us now as we unveil its secrets.

For those of you who have already obtained a copy of the UNRAVELLING you can discover how these events have been incorporated into the book by referring to Chapter 40, titled Nick and Rachel travel to Maleme Dam in the Matopos, and Chapter 41, titled Nick and Rachel explore the Matopos National Park.

If you have not yet acquired a copy of the Unravelling and would like to purchase one, please click here.

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