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Like Feathers in the Wind

Cover to the compendium Like Feathers in the Wind

Like Feathers in the Wind is a nostalgic collection of anecdotes, stories, and photos from Michael's senior school years at Prince Edward School in Salisbury, Rhodesia, now Harare, Zimbabwe, from 1968 to 1973.

In mid-2019, Urs Kreuter, a former classmate, started cajoling the rest of our school year to organise a school reunion to be held in mid-2020 in Zimbabwe. His suggestion quickly gathered momentum and by early 2020 everything was in place for the week-long event to take place in July 2020 encompassing Victoria Falls and Kariba.


However, disappointingly the event had to be cancelled and rescheduled to July 2022 due to the global impact of Covid-19.


In response, Trevor Short, another classmate, proposed a heartwarming idea for us to share our short and humorous personal biographies. What followed were countless emails filled with life stories, humour, success, and a touch of tragedy. These were a source of treasured memories which I decided to compile into a compendium, which was distributed to attendees of the rescheduled July 2022 reunion.


Despite being now scattered across the world like feathers in the wind, our diverse stories highlight the enduring camaraderie and incredible bond that formed amongst us all during our brief four to six-year period at Prince Edward School.


I hope you enjoy our collective histories as we rediscover our youth, united by the three ostrich feathers featured in our beloved school badge.

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