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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin (American novelist and short-story writer, screenwriter, and television producer).

Welcome to the captivating world of Michael Chalk, where historical fiction comes alive! Delve into the past and embark on a stirring journey as Michael's books bring bygone days to life, skilfully blending gripping narratives with meticulous historical details. Prepare to be immersed in richly woven tales that transport you through time, leaving you both enthralled and enlightened. His latest book, The Unravelling, will give readers some new insights into the enigma of the land which was once named Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.

What the critics are saying


Extract from Book Viral's review of The Unravelling - January 2024

A powerful and emotive historical novel of authority and compassion, The Unravelling is the genre at its very best.

A novel that embraces pivotal events from southern Africa’s bygone years to give us a novel that’s literate and true to life

and sure to grab the attention of discerning readers.

A superb read commensurate with novels by Wilbur Smith, Bernard Cornwell and Colin Falconer, The Unravelling is an unreservedly recommended
Golden Q
uill read.


Extract from Africatalks review of The Unravelling - March 2024

History comes alive in this ‘factual’ novel by Michael Chalk.  Written with a deep knowledge and understanding of the changes during the 1970-1980s,

The Unravelling gives, through an array of different characters, an unbiased account of those turbulent days.
The descriptions of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe’s beauty as the reader is taken on a tour of this rich and spectacular country are superb.  One can really see and feel the magnificence of this beautiful and varied landscape. This book is not just only a reminder of the past, but also an exciting, action-packed and hugely entertaining novel.


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