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Don’t Miss Out - eBook format of The Unravelling available free of charge for 48 hours!!

I am pleased to advise that I have collaborated with Amazon Kindle to offer the eBook/Kindle format of The Unravelling for free for a 48 hour period commencing midnight on Sunday 28th April (Pacific Day Light time).

Corresponding local time zones for selected cities around the globe are shown in the table below.


Local Start Time

Local End Time

Local Start Date

Local End Date

Los Angeles

Sun, Apr 28, 00:00 PDT

Mon, Apr 29, 23:59 PDT

Sun, Apr 28

Mon, Apr 29

New York

Sun, Apr 28, 03:00 EDT

Tue, Apr 30, 02:59 EDT

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 08:00 BST

Tue, Apr 30, 07:59 BST

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 09:00 CEST

Tue, Apr 30, 08:59 CEST

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 09:00 CAT

Tue, Apr 30, 08:59 CAT

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 09:00 SAST

Tue, Apr 30, 08:59 SAST

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 15:00 AWST

Tue, Apr 30, 14:59 AWST

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 04:30 PM ACST

Tue, Apr 30, 04:29 PM ACST

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 05:00 PM AEST

Tue, Apr 30, 04:59 PM AEST

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30


Sun, Apr 28, 07:00 PM NZST

Tue, Apr 30, 06:59 PM NZST

Sun, Apr 28

Tue, Apr 30

So, if you are wanting to get your hands on a free eBook/Kindle copy of The Unravelling, you need to act soon.

Links to all Amazon global stores are available on my website. Click here to be taken to the relevant page. Choose the market place that applies to you, and then you can order your free eBook/Kindle copy.

Please ensure sure that you order your copy within the specified time frames for your region as outlined above. Kindle eBooks are typically downloaded to your device within 30 seconds.

Kindle Unlimited

If you have a paid Kindle Unlimited subscription, please also note that The Unravelling has been enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program for 90 days commencing from 24th April. This means that if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can download the eBook/Kindle format of The Unravelling free of charge until July 22.

Happy Kindle reading!!

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